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Job: Emerging Races Political Director 

Reports to: National Political Director 

About the DCCC: The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is the official national Democratic campaign committee charged with electing Democrats to the U. S. House of Representatives. The DCCC recruits Democratic candidates and supports Democratic campaigns – both challengers and Democratic incumbent Members – with a variety of services including field operations, fundraising support, communications assistance, research support and management consulting. In addition, the DCCC’s Independent Expenditure supports these campaigns with television, radio and other voter contact efforts. The DCCC is supported by the contributions of individuals and organizations, along with Democratic Members, from throughout the country. We look for talented and hard-working campaign professionals who are committed to electing more Democrats and holding the House majority.

Position Summary: The DCCC is hiring an Emerging Races Political Director for the 2020 campaign cycle. As we move towards 2020, the DCCC is continuing to expand our battlefield and go on offense in traditionally republican areas. The Emerging Races Political Director will be responsible for working with challengers and open seat candidates in these races to develop well-funded, well-executed winning campaigns. The Emerging Races Political Director will be responsible for helping identify and train campaign staff to place on campaigns, help write and edit campaign budgets, and work with other DCCC staff to execute fundraising plans, political plans, press plans and field plans. The Emerging Races Director is also expected to play a role in candidate recruitment.

Responsibilities Include:

• Identifying and recruiting strong candidates to run for Congress in areas where the DCCC is expanding the battlefield. 

• Working closely with local stakeholders and Party leaders in all aspects from recruitment to navigating sensitive political issues.  

• Directly interact with campaign managers and other campaign staff. 

• Interface with DCCC Leadership and targeted candidates.

• Daily responsibility for the performance of assigned campaigns, including setting and meeting fundraising goals.

• Work with DCCC Leadership and regional staff to set goals & execute plans for fundraising, field, political, press and research for each assigned campaign.

• Extensive travel to region to recruit candidates, work with assigned campaigns, attend campaign retreats and for DCCC Leadership travel when applicable.

• Other duties as needed. Work may include overseeing other races as directed. 

Skills and Qualifications:

• Strong communication and problem solving skills.

• Prior campaign experience at Congressional level or beyond is required.

• Extensive staff management and team leadership preferred.

• Ability to travel extensively.

• Self-motivation and the ability to anticipate and prevent problems.

• Strong commitment to teamwork.

• Possess the initiative to work independently and follow through on all projects.

Equal Opportunity/Diversity Policy: The DCCC prohibits discrimination of employment, promotion, compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment on the basis of gender, disability, race, age, national origin, color, creed, sexual orientation, sex (including marital and parental status), gender identity and expression, religion, economic status, ethnic identity, veteran's status, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law. This policy covers all programs, services, policies, and procedures of the DCCC, including opportunity for employment and treatment as a DCCC employee. The DCCC is an equal opportunity employer and will comply with all applicable laws prohibiting discrimination in employment.

DCCC's equal opportunity policy covers all programs, services, policies, and procedures of the DCCC, including opportunity for employment and treatment as a DCCC employee, as well as opportunities for Consultants to contract with the DCCC.

The DCCC is committed to building a staff that reflects the diverse communities that makeup our country and the Democratic Party. Working towards the goal of a diverse DCCC, our policy extends to both Staff and Consultants.


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