Over twenty years ago, our leadership believed it was critically important to convene a policy conference in the state of Mississippi. So, every year since our inception, we bring community leaders, elected officials and power brokers together to engage in conversations about our plight with the hope of educating, motivating, and spurring each other to action.


Our annual policy conference has provided viable solutions for matters preventing upward mobility in our communities. We have a dedicated audience that is committed to actionable outcomes who continue to support and participate year after year.

Our attendees are business and community leaders, elected officials, and academicians from both sides of the mighty Mississippi River who care about issues that affect minority communities. They are change agents— making a difference in their organizations and their communities.

The issues facing African-Americans in Tunica are the same issues facing us everywhere.  CBCI champions and plans seminars based on these issues:


  • Social Justice

  • Education and Workforce Development

  • Healthcare

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Voter Education


For more information about Tunica, please contact us at 202-785.3634 or by email at


Tel: 202-785-3634


413 New Jersey Avenue Southeast
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 785-3634

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