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Our membership-based business council is comprised of government relations and policy professionals who are actively engaged in drafting policy recommendations for major issues affecting their industries and the nation. The result is an annual report that is reviewed by the President of the United States and the United States Congress.


At the intersection of business and policy, our membership participates in intimate discussions with other industry professionals and Members of Congress to create actionable solutions to policy and regulatory concerns.  The Council’s work represents a valuable example of what can be achieved when diverse minds and myriad viewpoints come together to address our nation’s biggest challenges.

Despite differences in method and manner, our members share a common bond: a desire to improve our country by suggesting policies that affect the lives of all without respect to race, religion, political views or socioeconomic status.


Each quarter of the year, we convene in various locations throughout the country hosting policy and issue-based sessions representative of the Council’s membership. The resulting year-long discussions have created carefully crafted solutions to the critical challenges affecting our nation. 

These meetings culminate with an industry-focused annual report of recommendations that is presented for review by Congress and the Executive Branch.


For more information about 21st Century Council, please email us at

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Congressional Black Caucus Institute's
21st Century Council Annual Report

This report addresses the nation's greatest concerns—from infrastructure to financial security, and from COVID-19 to racial inequality and the UN’s 17 Sustainability Goals. The recommendations within will be delivered to the current Administration, United States Congress, state and local government officials, and the American people.

Annual Report
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